COVID 19 RULES                SEPTEMBER 2020
  • No parents are allowed in the nursery.  You must leave your child at the door.
  • No toys should be brought from home.
  • Every parent must verify that their child is healthy, has no symptoms whatsoever and has not taken any medicine that day which may hide symptoms (eg Calpol).
  • Everyone entering – both children and staff – must have their temperature taken.  Anyone with a temperature over 37.8 degrees will not be admitted.
  • Everyone entering the setting must wash their hands immediately.
  • Children and staff will repeat handwashing regularly throughout the day and children will be taught how to do it thoroughly.
  • Children and staff should have long hair tied up.
  • All staff will be extra vigilant with cleaning surfaces and door handles etc.
  •  Children will not be allowed to share food or drink at snack or lunch times.
  • Extra care will be taken on cleaning shared toys and equipment and playdoh will not be used.
  • We will use our outside handwashing facilities as well as inside.
  • Initially we will limit numbers of children to 15 children at any one time (which is half our usual quota) to allow plenty of space for distancing.
Extra instructions
  • Every child and member of staff will have their temperature taken on arrival – BEFORE entering the building - AND again every four hours.
  • In the event of a child becoming ill during the day, or having a high temperature – even without any other symptoms – the child will be isolated immediately upstairs with one member of staff.  The staff member should use gloves, face mask and an apron.  The parent will be instructed to collect the child immediately from the upstairs door so the child doesn’t have to return to the main hall.
  • If possible, toys should be changed regularly and cleaned with sterilising liquid if possible, or in the dishwasher.
  • Remove soft toys and ‘dressing up’ costumes.
  • Snacks should be served in individual bowls and children should not be allowed to help themselves at all.
  • Initially only half the usual amount of children will be allowed into the nursery in any day.
  • Children who attend more than one setting will be asked to choose just one to attend temporarily.