Session Times
We are open for full day care for children aged 18 months + from 8am to 6pm. We open for 48 weeks a year, closing for two weeks at the end of August (to include the August Bank Holiday and the beginning of September) and for two weeks at Christmas / New Year.
We are able to offer flexible patterns of attendance to suit family needs and offer full day care or pre-school sessions starting from 8.00am. You can book any hours you would like, in 15 minute time slots with a minimum of 2 hours at a time.
Please could parents ensure that their children arrive in good time for the start of their session, and are picked up promptly at the end.
We also offer a holiday club during the school holidays. Please see the Activities and Events page for more details.

Lunch Times
We see lunch time as a great way for children to sit together, interact, socialize, and learn from the experience for when they go to school. As a parent you will be asked to supply a packed lunch, in a named lunch bag on a daily basis. We will supply a drink of either water or milk. At Stepping Stones we follow a healthy eating regime for our snack bar and would like this to continue during our lunch time, so please make sure the lunch contains healthy foods your child enjoys and would normally eat.

Arrival / Departure
Parents or guardians remain responsible for their children up until the start of the session. We pay particular attention to the children’s safety on leaving at the end of the session. Our doors remain locked at all times and a member of staff is on duty to ensure each child leaves safely. Our care of the children ends at the outside door so please supervise your children on leaving, particularly as you cross the car park area.

Wet Weather
Please could we remind parents to bring a named set of wellies in for your child. On damp or wet weather days we do still try and get outside to enjoy the garden!

Should your child become ill and not able to attend their session please let us know by telephoning us by 9.30am. Our phone number is 01425-673135 / 07724 876456. Please keep children at home until they are completely recovered (a minimum of 48 hours for vomiting/diarrhea). Illness spreads very quickly especially between children in this age group. For more information see our illness policy.

Please let us know the reason for your child’s absences (e.g. sickness, holiday) on your return to pre-school, as this needs to be recorded in the register as a condition of funding.

Please inquire about putting your child’s name on our waiting list, which you can do from birth onwards.

Some two, and all three and four year olds are entitled to free part-time early years education (EYE).
After your child's second birthday you can apply for up to 15 hours funding subject to meeting Hampshire County Council criteria, please contact us for details.
3-4 years Universal entitlement (15 hours childcare) After your child’s third birthday, they are entitled to receive Early Years Education (EYE) Funding from the start of the following term. This entitles your child to 15 free hours (570 hours) childcare per week, to a maximum of 38 weeks per year. Sessions can also be shared between two different childcare providers.
On top of the ‘universal’ entitlement of 570 hours of free early years education (which is available to all children), working parents of children aged 3 and 4 may also be able to benefit from an additional (‘extended’) 570 hours from 1 September 2017. (Parents can now apply using the Government’s online childcare service. If you need help with the Government’s Childcare Service online application contact their helpline on 0300 123 4097).
In order to secure funding you will be asked to complete a ‘Parent Declaration’ form at the beginning of each term which we will supply to you.

Session Fees

For those children who are not entitled to funded places or choose not to use funding at Stepping Stones, our fees are payable monthly in advance. We regret that fees can not be refunded if your child is away from the nursery at any time. We are subscribed to the Tax Free Childcare scheme.

Spare Clothing
Please provide a named, spare set of weather appropriate clothing when your child attends their session.

Pre School Uniform
We now have a nursery uniform for our children to purchase. Uniform is available in sizes age 2-3 or 4-5. It is not mandatory to wear uniform.
Red Polo Shirts £8.00 each
Red Sweat Shirts £10.00 each
Red T-shirts £6.00 each

School Photos
Nursery photos are taken once a year by professional photographers.

Our Policies
All policies can be viewed at any time at the nursery. The Policy book is in the hallway or please ask the staff.